Career Profile

I’ve been working with Linux and open source for the last 15 years. This experience allowed me to span accross different software and technologies, explore various solutions and implement creative combinations. It has been an incredible and stimulating journey, with many challenges and lots of opportunities.

I’ve explored many fields of IT: advanced networking, Linux server administration, web servers, databases, Samba AD DC, automation with Ansible.

I’ve been nominated outstanding member of the Zimbra forum, participating in the evolution of the platform. I closely followed the management of CVE-2019-9670 by the community, providing feedback and support to those impacted, and developed a script to obtain and install a Letsencrypt certificate in Zimbra.

I also grew strong experience in PHP programming, especially with Yii1.1 and Yii2 frameworks, developing complex and advanced applications. For a big b2c customer, I developed a small Vue app used to prepare deliveries, connecting via websocket to a Node.js app continuously reading weight from a balance.

Among the different tasks, I also have been providing I and II level support to customers, developing skills to provide the most efficient and proficient answer for the client. The broad knowledge in many IT fields allows me to better understand the customer request and provide the correct solution.

I consider myself curious and open minded. When developing, I focus on optimization, speed and security.

I always participated in open source, by providing help on forums and translating applications, but my first real code contribution was for the F-Spot photo management system, a C# based Gnome app.

For personal growth and carreer opportunities, I obtained the SAA-C03 AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate certification in May 2023.


R&D, Developer, SysAdmin

2007 - Present
YetOpen Srl - Italy

Present since the early years, I grew and helped growing the Company, developing enterprise solutions with Linux in a country which barely knew the name at that time. I deployed Linux servers for various purposes, and developed web applications with PHP, MySQL and Apache (later nginx). The internal and all the customers infrastructures are actively monitored with a Zabbix installation, which allowed us to promptly prevent and deal with possible outages. As the company grew, we had the chance to cultivate young talents coming from local technical schools and universities.

  • Linux administrator
  • Network administrator (LAN, cloud)
  • PHP developer
  • Technical leader

IT department

2002 - 2007
Norda mineral water - Italy

I was the main and only IT manager, with helpdesk, network development and maintenance tasks. The Company had five remote production plants and offices, all connected to the IBM iSeries at the headquarter.

  • AS/400
  • RPG and DB2 developer
  • Support manager

RPG Developer

1999 - 2002
Limonta Informatica - Italy

RPG developer on IBM AS/400 (iSeries).

  • AS/400
  • RPG and DB2 developer


This is a short list of projects I developed recently.

Distributed Samba AD DC network

We deployed a distributed AD network, with three Domain Controllers in cloud in different data centers.

Distribute webapps as containers

In the last months, I dedicated time in implementing a solution to containerize the company’s PHP webapps, by creating Dockerfile and docker-compose.yaml files, both for production and development. Images are created by GitLab’s CI, and stored into its container registry.

HL7 middleware

I developed a PHP software to be placed between the host system and Mirth, before being delivered to going to Cadlink Server. The middleware had to hold HL7 orders and eventually manipulate them, in case the host sent an update.

Frontend proxy with nginx

I deployed a high available frontend proxy cache with nginx and keepalived, to front a Wordpress site for a 15k person Italian company

Hotspot management portal

A 10+ year long development project, a user management portal for an hotspot system based on FreeRadius and CoovaChilli. The PHP Yii application was developed to manage users, groups, federations, permissions, and was designed to allow authentication via SMS, PayPal or thirdy-party library management systems.

Municipality app backend management

I developed a Yii2 PHP application used to feed a widely distributed mobile app for Italian municipalities. The backend is used to manage manually entered news, as well as externally provied information fetched from RSS feeds or API sources.

Open source contributions

I tried giving my 2 cents to the Open Source community with some small projects, hoping they could be useful for others.


A Bash script used to request and deploy Letsencrypt certificate to Zimbra Collaboration Server, with automatic renewal.

Radio Deejay reloaded podcaster

A set of PHP script to fetch full program episodes from the Italian Radio Deejay website, to create a podcast compatible XML file.

Zimbra addressbook lookup API for 3CX Pro

A Javascript test project, roughly finished. The goal was to design a REST API to lookup 3CX caller name from a Zimbra address book, and attempt to use Node.js and Fastify.

My HomeAssistant garage opener setup

My simple setup for Home Assistant, managing a MCP23017 based board

Zimbra live sync scripts

A collection of scripts for live syncying two Zimbra instances. Not the original author, I just gave a ‘repository’ to the files residing on the wiki.


Extensible user management for Yii2 framework. While not a project of mine, the author handed me the maintenance when he couldn’t manage anymore.

Building Zimbra9 via Docker

I contributed the patch to build with Docker for Ian Walker’s zimbra-build-scripts

Skills & Proficiency






Docker and containerization